Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hen Party at Slimbridge Rectory.

Afternoon tea at the rectory... with a difference; there was no "more tea Vicar!"
When we arrived the Hen party were relaxing in a beautiful local rectory. We brought them tea, cucumber, smoked salmon sandwiches and cupcakes, scones and caramel shortcake... then they showered the bride to be with naughty gifts!

In the evening we returned to the house with dinner... greeted by a beautiful young bare bottomed drinks waiter wearing an apron, bow tie and a broad smile!
After much laughter we served a three course dinner in the dining room.
The ladies were having a fantastic time having drunk many cocktails; served by their own special waiter!
They dined on Marinated King Prawn Brochettes and Goats Cheese, Tomato & Basil en Croute. Followed by Beef Wellington and Chicken Ballotine stuffed with Spinach and Riccotta. Their dessert was a choice Sticky Chocolate Pudding and Baked Raspberry Cheesecake,all homemade. Which they all enjoyed very hen said she didn't want her cheesecake to ever end!
Much drinking followed with dancing at their own personal disco... maybe this morning I should have returned to serve some hangover cures! (Now there's a new business opportunity!)

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